We love to rock different colors and textures of lipsticks, but what we definitely can’t stand is having this lipstick bleed. You’re probably wondering how celebrities keep their lipstick from smudging? Wonder no more! we have the answers for you here.
Check out these tips below on how to make your lipstick last all day and not smudge.

1. Prep your lips: Lipstick won’t apply evenly on rough, dry lips and will surely smudge if your lips are parched. Scrub your lips once a week to keep them smooth and soft. You can mix up your own DIY lip scrub at home.

2. Moisturize: Apply a lip balm to keep your lips nourished. It also helps application of your lipstick. Try not to use too much or it’ll leave your lips greasy. Blot your lips lightly with tissue to take off any excess balm on your pout.

3. Line your Lips: beauty, lips, makeup, lipstick, how to, smudged lips, select a styleLine the lips with a lip pencil, you can use an invisible lip liner or one with a similar color to the lipstick you want to wear. Once you have done that, line the entire lip area with the same lip pencil.

4. Apply your Lipstick: Swipe the lipstick over your lips. Be sure to wear a long-lasting lipstick that is formulated to withstand time.

5. Powder Finish: Once you have applied your lipstick, you should set it with some powder. This hack lets the lipstick stay longer.
Place a piece of tissue gently over your completed lip, then dust some translucent powder over the tissue with a powder brush.
The powder will absorb excess moisture of the lipstick without disturbing it and makes it last longer.

Here are some useful quick tips that you can do and some to avoid to ensure your lipstick lasts all day and night.
– Drink using a straw. This way most of your lipstick doesn’t come off on the cup or bottle.
– Do not lick your lips.
– Carry a lipstick in your bag for quick touch ups.
– Always line your lips to avoid smudging. Be sure to use the same shade as your lipstick.
– Check your teeth after eating or drinking to make sure some of the color hasn’t transferred to your teeth.
– Use a piece of tissue to blot your lips. Put it between your lips and press together. This will prevent lipstick getting on your, lips, makeup, lipstick, how to, smudged lips, select a style

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