BeautyBlender isn’t your average makeup tool. Lots of Makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts usually keep more than one in their kit at all times. The tool is loved for its ability to dab foundation effortlessly but you should also know how to use and maintain this tool properly. Check out these useful Beauty Blender Tips and get the best results.

1. Hydrate your Beauty Blender: Did you know that you’re supposed to wet your sponge a little bit before using? If you didn’t know this, then you’re clearly not reading the instructions on the back of the packaging. However, soaking your Beauty Blender in water helps you blend without streaks and gives a smooth finish. When damp, the product doesn’t get absorbed into the sponge which makes it more effective.

2. Use Warm Water When Its Cold: Warm water helps thicker foundation melt when it’s cold outside, while cold water feels more refreshing when its hot outside. So try to remember this before using.

3. Apply Makeup on Back of Your Hand Instead of Directly On the Sponge: Do not apply your makeup directly on your beauty blender. Apply your foundation (or any other makeup) on the back of your hand, dip the beauty blender in it before dabbing.

4. Do Not Smear: makeup, beauty blender, makeup tools, how to, tips, beauty blender tipsDo not drag the beauty blender against your skin, this will create streaks and lines on the skin surface. You should dab it in a bounce motion, pressing gently with each dab, to spread the product over your skin. This helps give a flawless finish.

5. A Bar Soap is Good Enough to Clean your Sponge: makeup, beauty blender, makeup tools, how to, tips, beauty blender tipsA regular bar of soap is cheap and berry effective in cleaning your Beautyblender. Simply rub it across the soap a few times, rinse and repeat till your sponge. You can also use shampoos, but a bar of soap is kind of the cheapest way to go. While washing, you might notice some of the color from the sponge running out, do not panic, this is totally normal and doesn’t harm you or your sponge.

6. Squeeze when Washing:makeup, beauty blender, makeup tools, how to, tips, beauty blender tips

Do not rub the beautyblender while washing. Just Squeeze and twist gently and you have a clean sponge or use a paper towel to make sure your sponge is not too wet or too dry.
Tip: Since the proper way to use the tool is while wet, why not wash it right before using? Great Idea right!

7. Let it Dry Completely before Storing: You probably toss your sponge in your makeup bag after washing. Well that’s wrong, you should leave it out to air and dry completely before storing them to avoid bacteria and mould growing on it. When traveling, store in ventilated pouches instead of a plastic bag or makeup bag so your sponge can breathe.

8. Pick the Right Color:makeup, beauty blender, makeup tools, how to, tips, beauty blender tips There are three popular colors if beauty blender, white, black, and pink. The pink is the original beautyblender which is great for applying liquid, cream, powder foundation and cream blush. The White beautyblender is great for applying lotions, serums, primers, etc. while the black is the Pro beauty blender which is great for applying bronzer and dark pigments.

9. Replace your Sponge after a while: makeup, beauty blender, makeup tools, how to, tips, beauty blender tipsWhen your sponge starts to fade and fall apart, then it’s time for a change. Depending on how often you use your Beautyblender, you should replace your sponge at least once a month. If you don’t use it so often then you can replace maybe once in two months.

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