DRY BRUSHING: All you need to know Plus How to and Benefits

DRY BRUSHING: All you need to know Plus How to and Benefits

Dry Brushing is simply the process of brushing your dry skin with a long-bristled brush in a particular pattern. Lots of Spas have even included it on their menu.
Dry brushing does sound a bit harsh for your skin but it’s far from that as it has lots of benefits, such as:

  • It provides Lymphatic Support: The lymphatic system is made up of organs and lymph node, ducts and vessels that transfer lymph through the body. Regular brushing of the skin helps stimulate the normal lymph flow and helps the body detoxify itself.
  • Exfoliation: Brushing your dry skin with a natural bristled brush helps loosen and remove dead skin cells, thereby exfoliating your skin and allowing it to hydrate more efficiently after moisturizing. It also helps remove oil, dirt and residue from pores.
  • Helps reduce Cellulite: Even though there’s no concrete proof yet on whether it helps reduce cellulite. Professionals claim that because regular dry brushing helps eliminate toxins, it can also help smooth-en out lumps and bumps for good. Well, i suggest we start dry brushing regularly to see those results then right.

How To Dry Brush

First of all, you need to get yourself a proper brush, preferably a natural one (cactus or vegetable-derived) to get best results. You should select one with a long handle to help you access hard to reach areas.dry brushing, skin, skin care, how to, beauty, spa
Dry Brushing should be done preferably in the morning before showering as it energizes and stimulates the body.

NOTE: Dry Brushing should be done gently and not too often. You can dry brush your skin at least once a week to avoid irritation or skin inflammation. Also remember to replace your brush after 6-12 months as they will eventually wear out.

  • As we mentioned earlier, dry brushing should be done in a particular pattern. Starting at your feet, Brush the bottoms of your feet and up your legs in long and smooth strokes with each stroke moving towards your chest area.
    Be sure to pay more attention to rougher areas like your ankles and the soles of your feet.
  • Move up to your arms. The process is similar to that of your feet and legs, move towards your heart with each stroke. Start with your arms and move towards the shoulders while paying more attention to your elbows and other rough areas.
  • Move on to the back area. Its easier to use a long handle brush so you can reach your mid back. Also move from your buttocks to the shoulder blades area.
  • Finally, you do your torso and sides. Brush up your rib cage, still stroking towards your heart. Then from your sides, you move up to your armpits.
  • For your sensitive areas such as your face, neck and breast area, it’s advisable to use a softer brush to avoid irritation. Move from the forehead to your neck.
  • If you decide to go over your whole body again for the second time, use a softer brush to avoid any irritation.

After dry brushing, it’s time to shower. At this point your skin is extra sensitive, so try to be gentle and avoid any excess scrubbing. Once you’re done with your shower, pat your skin dry instead of rubbing it dry. Then apply a natural oil to replenish any you’ve lost while dry brushing. Coconut oil is a good option.

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