5 Essential Items Every Diva Must Have In Their Hand Bag

5 Essential Items Every Diva Must Have In Their Hand Bag

A lady’s handbag is full of all sort of things, ranging from items needed at all times and items needed once a while but because we don’t like to leave thing out, we tend to walk around with them all.

Speaking to some divas I know, when asked which are the essential items they need in their hand bag at all times, here are the top  5 Essential Items Every Diva Must Have In Their Hand Bag

Hand Sanitizes

As a fashion diva, staying beautiful is the key at all times. And a very important aspect of staying beautiful is to look and feel clean at all times. The hand sanitize is a very important item because it is not guaranteed that you will have access to water all the time, and their are instances were you will need to keep your hands clean.

Lip gloss

Especially in dry period, the Lip gloss is a must to have handy. Some people like me hates it so much when the lips are dry, I feel like i have fish scale all over my lips. Hence The lip gloss is always need to help keep the lips glossy.


For those who commute via public transport, they can relate to the fact that the perfume is very very essential in a ladies bag. This is because sometimes some people rub off their sweat on you while sitting in the bus and the best way to quickly get red of this smell is to cover up with the perfume.



I think the a form of identification is very much important to all. even if its a copy of your form of identification, it is very vital to have it on you call the time for a couple of reason.

Power Bank

I wouldn’t put the mobile phone on this list, as the mobile phone is like most peoples babies they cant leave without it. To keep your phone alive at all times, i will recommend you make your power bank your other best friend.

Most phone batteries last a average of 8 hours, hence i will recommend you get a very reliable power bank that ca charge your phone for a long period of times so as to allow your pone last you the whole day.


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