You Wake Up To Acne Daily? You Should Try This Few Tips

You Wake Up To Acne Daily? You Should Try This Few Tips

It’s such a pain when you wake up to find blemishes on your face especially acne because you know your hands can’t stop itself from pressing it together and leaving scars, so what do you do to prevent breakouts?

There are certainly so many steps that you can take to avoid acne breakouts daily because breakouts are sometimes caused by the things we do, use or eat…

You Wake Up To Acne Daily? You Should Try This Few Tips, you should try some expert tips on how to avoid and get rid of acne;.

  1. Someone once told me that black people didn’t need protection from the sun because we had thick skin, they said it was an “oyinbo” thing to use sunscreen but skin cancer and irritation does not know the color of skin. Some acne break outs are as a result of the sun so dab on sunscreen before you leave the house.
  2. We ladies love our makeup, we have in short dedicated a box to house all our products and supplies, one of such include the brushes. Brushes harbour dirt’s and bacteria and so when we use these brushes and foam for a long time without washing them they cause breakouts. Therefore you should wash your brushes once every week with shampoo to avoid acne.


3. There are some products that are tested but one that is both tested and trusted is the retinol. Retinol supports skin efficacy and helps with your skin cell turnover. It has anti-inflammatory effects and that’s why it works for acne and anti-aging purposes.

4. We see people with glowing skin and we wonder why we have to suffer breakouts; well do you exfoliate? Getting rid of the dead skin cells give ways to a new one. So bring out that scrub and exfoliate once or twice a week.

5. Another thing that can cause breakouts is when we sleep in our makeup. I get that you are extremely tired but wiping down your face would do more good than harm however if you leave your makeup on your skin you are only giving way to acne palava.

This are just a few tips on how to deal with acne I hope you’ve length a thing or two.

You Wake Up To Acne Daily? You Should Try This Few Tips


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