It’s a new year, hence we have skin goals. My skin goal is clear, smooth and glowing skin. To achieve this, I know I have to put in some work. Below are skin care tips to follow in this new year.

1) Exfoliate: This procedure breaks the bond between the active underlying skin and dead on surface skin by the process of exfoliation or sloughing off.
As with everything in life, moderation is key. Too much exfoliation will leave the skin dry, sensitive and bruised. Non exfoliation will leave the skin dull and struggling. As long as you don’t roll on the floor, once in a week is usually enough.

2) Go easy, it’s only skin: There is nothing wrong in wanting to look your best but if looking your best gradually turns you into a product junkie, watch it. Having more than 2 products for any part of your skin is more than enough. You don’t want to get to a point where your skin no longer responds or is over-responsive simply because it can’t tell what exactly you’re trying to achieve.

3) Find what works and stick: No matter the testimonials, no product can have 100% success rate on every skin for several reasons including the above. This should be a reason why you should be patient with each product and not be off it after just a week because it doesn’t seem to “work”. Some products build your skin before coming through with the desired result.

4) Avoid using cheap products on your skin: The word cheap and expensive are relative but think of it as a difference between wearing a “for-the-masses” powder foundation to a brand such as eg MAC. If you understand the disparity you’ll find your skin will be better for it.

5) Avoid the sun, it burns wherever it touches: If you have a career that takes you into the sun all the time you might want to consider getting off skin lightening, it will make uselessness of your every effort and burn wherever it touches.
Choose your going out times. Sun is strong between 12 noon and 3pm on less sunny days and stronger from as early as 9am till 4pm on real sunny days.

6) Steer clear off products that causes discomfort, it’s never worth it: If it burns your skin or causes pain, you should let it go.

7) Be mindful of natural skincare concotion: Putting and leaving on raw aloe vera, honey, cactus, potato, lemon, etc on your skin may jeorpadize your skin rather than heal it simply because the things you are leaving on are 100% raw ingredients. I can tell you for free that in Cosmetics even 0.5% of most raw ingredients is usually a big deal and could be more than enough.
Those videos shows what you wish to see, most of them never come back to report what happened to their skins after more than a singular application of the “naturals”.
Product composition is huge work, leave the job to professionals and stop creating more mess for your skin to deal with in a bid to “avoid dangerous chemicals”. FYI, everything is chemical in nature.

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