Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2016 Day 1: Wanger Ayu

Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2016 Day 1: Wanger Ayu

The Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week Day one recap- Wanger Ayu

It’s Wanger Ayu so we expect the best of the best! Are we disappointed? Absolutely not!. The collection is stylish and creative and all we can say is well done Wanger.

We see a lot of frills and ruffles as well as bell sleeves and floral which all make an amazing collection. There was also lots of stripes, black and white pieces in the collection. It was fashion at it’s peak and we are excited to share the pictures with you. Relax and enjoy the pictures.

See the Collection

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hklfdw-day-1-wanger-ayu7 hklfdw-day-1-wanger-ayu8 hklfdw-day-1-wanger-ayu9 hklfdw-day-1-wanger-ayu10 hklfdw-day-1-wanger-ayu11 hklfdw-day-1-wanger-ayu12 hklfdw-day-1-wanger-ayu13 hklfdw-day-1-wanger-ayu14 hklfdw-day-1-wanger-ayu15 hklfdw-day-1-wanger-ayu16 hklfdw-day-1-wanger-ayu17 hklfdw-day-1-wanger-ayu18 hklfdw-day-1-wanger-ayu19 hklfdw-day-1-wanger-ayu hklfdw-day-1-wanger-ayu2 hklfdw-day-1-wanger-ayu3 hklfdw-day-1-wanger-ayu20 hklfdw-day-1-wanger-ayu21 hklfdw-day-1-wanger-ayu22-600x400


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