Applying eyeliner to my eyelids is one of my favourite makeup looks. Even if I don’t use eyeshadow, I always love to line my lids. It gives you this really lovely look. It’s however difficult to apply as it may not come out well or it may smudge. I always envy girls that get theirs perfectly and just right. There are techniques to getting the perfect liner and I’m sure you’re interested in learning how.

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There’s really no right or wrong formula when it comes to eyeliner application. It all comes down to which formula you feel most comfortable using. Powder, gel, and liquid liners are all on the table for applying eyeliner.

Here’s how:

Hold your eye skin

In order to apply eyeliner well, you need to transform your eyelids into a smooth canvas for you to work with.A great trick to use when applying eyeliner is holding the skin of your eyelid with one hand while you apply eyeliner with the other. Use your index and middle fingertips to pull the skin of your eyelid just under your eyebrow up and out toward your temple. This trick helps hold your eyelid skin taut while you apply your graphic eyeliner in order to prevent slip-ups in your liner.

Use dots 

Instead of trying to draw one fluid line, use dots and dashes to outline your design.

Use Q-Tips

When you first start to apply liner, and most-likely even after you’ve been doing it for a while, everything is not going to go as planned. You’ll likely end up with crooked lines, smudges, and other mistakes that need to be fixed before you leave the house.

To use a Q-tip to fix your mistakes without smudging the rest of your makeup and having to start all over from scratch, twist the cotton at the end of a Q-tip into a thinner point. Dampen the cotton tip with liquid makeup remover, and gently swipe it over your mistakes to loosen the makeup. Then, use the other, dry end of the Q-tip to wipe the messed-up makeup away without disturbing the rest of your design.

Remember to use a primer first

Eyeshadow primer is always important, but it is especially vital when you wear graphic eyeliner. Even if you don’t plan to wear any eyeshadow with yourliner look, you need to layer the area to which you plan to apply your eyeliner with eyeshadow primer. If you don’t, the natural oils on your eyelid will inevitably cause your eyeliner design to run and smudge.


Excerpts via styleweekly

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