3 Recipes for Homemade Hair Growth Treatments

3 Recipes for Homemade Hair Growth Treatments

Hair growth treatments are one of the best ways to prevent thinning, shedding, and breakage and to prevent potential hair loss.But, aren’t treatments and products that promote fast growth expensive?

Well, yes, but you don’t have to buy them!
In fact, there are a lot of awesome growth treatments you can make in your own kitchen using essential oils, herbs, and even fruits and veggies! but here are 3 Recipes for Homemade Hair Growth Treatments.


Although it might seem harsh to treat your hair with something as acidic as vinegar, the truth is that hair really appreciates it due to its slightly acidic nature.

Our hair’s pH varies from acidic 3.5 to neutral 5.5, which means that our alkaline #hair care products tend to throw it off balance. Vinegar, on the other hand, helps hair restore its optimal pH value.

It seals the cuticles, making each strand shinier, stronger, and less prone to breakage, plus it removes product buildup that literally suffocates the scalp and slows down normal hair growth.

So, in order to help your hair really give its 100% in terms of both growth and quality, vinegar makes an excellent treatment.

mix 1 part of vinegar and 2 parts of water and use this mixture as a final rinse.

Recipe: Mix 1 part vinegar (apple cider vinegar is the hair care favorite, since it leaves less of an odor; white vinegar works just fine; and wine-based vinegar is best for dry hair) with 2 parts water. To minimize odor, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Use as a final rinse after you shampoo.

How Often: Begin by rinsing with the vinegar treatment 1-2 times a week; over time, you’ll be able to use it 1-2 times a month while maintaining ample shine, health, and growth

Egg Yolk and Olive Oil Mask

Rich in proteins, vitamins, and super-nurturing fatty acids, egg yolks won’t only make your hair softer, shinier, and healthier, they help you to grow it long as well.

An abundance of vitamins A, D, and E will help prevent any hair loss and thicken thinning hair, while D itself promotes new growth and keeps #split ends at bay.
Olive oil also strengthens and softens, making it particularly ideal for dry or damaged hair.
It also exfoliates your tresses while strengthening the color of your hair and maintaining the texture.
Recipe: Mix 2 egg yolks with 2 tablespoons of olive oil, then dilute the mixture with about half a cup of water. Slowly, thoroughly massage the resulting mask into your scalp. After letting it set for 15-20 minutes, rinse it out as usual. You can shampoo afterward if you want to but it’s not necessary.
How Often: This treatment is effective enough that you only have to do it 1-2 times each month.

Coconut oil and Avocado

Coconut oil and avocado make a great hair treatment for several reasons.

The mixture adds luster to your hair if it’s dry, it gets rid of flaking and dandruff, and it keeps your hair safe from the sun, which can be just as damaging to your hair as it is to your #skin.


Recipe: Massage one tablespoon of it into your hair from the roots to the tips. While it sets in, mash up an avocado, by hand or using the food processor; as with the banana, you want to end up with a smooth paste. Once it reaches the right consistency, massage the avocado into just the tips of your hair. Let the mixture set for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with cool water and shampoo as usual. Again, some users report that it’s difficult to rinse out the avocado, but if you make sure the paste is very smooth, that helps – and don’t forget to apply it to just the tips of your hair!

How Often: Try this treatment once a week for maximum results.


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