You were promised a post on how to make your own coconut oil and here it is. Coconut oil offers a variety of health benefits and can be used for cooking as well as skin and hair care. Virgin coconut oil is believed to be of the highest quality when made naturally and free of harsh chemicals.There are lots of ways to make this amazing oil but we will be using the cold pressed method.

Here is a detailed process to get your own cold pressed coconut oil

You will need
– Mature Coconuts (3 coconuts makes just over 1/2 cup solid oil)
– One large bowl and 2 medium size bowls
– Small Sharp knife
– Vegetable peeler
– High speed blender
– 1 cup water for each coconut

– white Cheesecloth
– Sieve
– Ladle
-glass jar to store your oil in
coconut-oil SAS

1) Begin by removing the water from your coconuts. The easiest way is to drill two holes at the top, slightly pointy end. Pour the coconut water into a bowl, but don’t discard, as we will use it later.

2) Once the water has been collected from all the coconuts, it’s time to crack open the shell. The safest way is to wrap the coconut in a tea towel. Then, using a hammer, strike the coconut with a heavy blow. It may take a few attempts, but eventually the coconut shell should crack, exposing the white mature meat. Repeat this process with all the coconuts.

3) Now you need to extract the flesh from the shell. You can use the tip of a clean sharp knife to run around the edges of the shell to free the meat. Once all the meat has been collected, peel the brown hard skin away. You will be left with the coconut water, the peelings and the coconut. Discard the peelings.
Add the coconut water and then blend, blend, blend! You can also use a food processor.

4)  Blend the coconut water and coconut meat together, on very high speed, for a couple of minutes. We want the coconut pieces to be of very fine texture.

Squeezing the water and coconut flakes together

5) Remove the coconut from the blender and place in a large bowl. Add water to this bowl too. Using our hands, we need to squeeze the coconut flakes and water together, until the mixture looks very white and creamy. Continue mixing and squeezing for about 30 times. Then, leave to stand at room temperature for 3 hours.
Ladle the mixture on to the cheesecloth covered sieve. Wait a few seconds before squeezing to extract the liquid, leaving you with coconut flakes. Discard flakes in another bowl. Repeat process until all the liquid and flakes are separated.

6) After three hours, you’ll see that the cream has risen to the top. Place a sieve on the larger bowl, and then the cheesecloth on top. Pour the coconut liquid mixture on to the cheesecloth, and squeeze to extract the liquid from the coconut. Once the liquid has been extracted, empty the coconut flakes into another bowl. Repeat this process until all the liquid is in one bowl and the coconut flakes are in another bowl.
Now we are left with just the liquid which we extracted from the coconut flakes. Place the water in a clean shallow container, such as a Pyrex dish. Cover this with some cling film.

7) Then put it in the fridge for like three hours or more to solidify.
After 24 hours, you will notice a few bubbles at the top and what will be the oil will have risen to the top.

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