If you look closely around your environment, you notice that a lot of women have excessive hair on their body and you begin to wonder the reasons why. Sometimes, these excessive body hair grow as beard, moustache, hair on the chest etc. This can be quite traumatic for the woman as the society generally do not understand why a woman would have characteristics generally attributed to the male specie. So many women have lost their confidence and have shrunk themselves because of inferiority complex related to this issue. This is not the fault of the woman as this is purely natural and due to the biological makeup of the woman. There are however things that can be done to manage this condition but first of all, why does this condition occur in the first place?excessive body hair, women, laser, hair removal, testesterone, androgen,

Unwanted/ excessive body hair that grows on a woman’s body and face is called hirsutism. All women have facial and body hair, but the hair is usually very fine and light in color.

The main difference between normal hair on a woman’s body and face and hirsutism is the texture. Excessive or unwanted hair that grows on a woman’s face, arms, back, or chest is usually coarse and dark. The growth pattern of hirsutism in women is similar to that of normal hair growth in males.

Women develop excessive body or facial hair due to higher-than-normal levels of male hormones.  Male hormones are called androgens, and they include testosterone. All females produce androgens, but the levels normally remain low. Certain medical conditions can cause a woman to produce too many androgens, causing male-pattern hair growth and other unwanted male characteristics, such as a deep voice.

Hirsutism tends to run in families. You may be more likely to have unwanted hair growth if your mother, sister, or another female relative also has it.

Treatment for Excessive or Unwanted Hair

Drug therapy in the form of anti-androgen medications and birth control pills can help balance your hormone levels. Birth control pills may also cause the cysts on your ovaries to shrink. These drugs are usually a long-term solution for hirsutism. You will most likely notice improvement after three to six months of drug therapy.

Your doctor may prescribe the eflornithine cream to reduce the growth of facial hair. Your facial hair growth should slow after one to two months. Side effects of eflornithine include skin rash and irritation.

If you’re overweight, your doctor will probably suggest that you lose weight to reduce your hair growth. Obesity can change the way your body produces and processes hormones. Maintaining a healthy weight may correct your level of androgens without the use of medication.

Hair Removal

Hair removal techniques are a nonmedical way to manage excessive or unwanted hair. These are the same hair removal methods that many women use to keep their legs, bikini line, and underarms free of hair. If you suffer from hirsutism, you may need to be more proactive about waxing, shaving, and using depilatories (chemical foams).testesterone, excessive body hair, androgen, body hair, women, hair, health

Laser hair removal and electrolysis are also effective ways to permanently eliminate coarse, unwanted hair. Laser hair removal involves using concentrated light rays to damage your hair follicles. Damaged follicles can’t produce hair, and the hair that’s present falls out. Electrolysis is the removal of hair using an electric current. Both of these methods can be expensive and require several sessions to achieve the desired results.testesterone, excessive body hair, androgen, body hair, women, hair, health

Excerpts from Healthline.




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