Fashion hacks and tricks every woman should know

Fashion hacks and tricks every woman should know

There are many fashion hacks and tricks that every woman should know. Sometimes, these things are simple things we can do but because we do not have prior knowledge, we have to throw away a favourite fashion item. This doesn’t have to be so. We have compiled a list of fashion hacks that we think you need to know. These things make life easier and definitely better.

Spray tights with hairspray to avoid runs: I was definitely the happiest when I knew about this life hack. I’ve lost so many hoses because they always run! This trick will definitely make them last longer.

Rub Vaseline, crayon wax, or the end of a graphite pencil along the teeth of a zipper to help it slide smoothly: sometimes, your zipper gets stuck. Use this little trick when such moments occur.

Make sunglasses tighter: Use clear nail polish to tighten up the hinges if they’re feeling loose.

Knowing your jean size: If you don’t have time to try on a pair of pants, wrap the waist of the jeans around your neck. If you can touch the two ends together around your neck, the jeans will likely fit.

Sew press studs to your clothes to avoid bra strap from showing: This is one hack I’m definitely adopting. It would help hide bra strap to avoid a tacky look.

To expand your shoes, fill a ziplock bag with water and put in your shoe, then place it in the freezer overnight: sometimes, we buy that shoe that pinches towards the toes. This should help to expand the shoe for comfort.

Use ice to remove chewing gum from clothes: sometimes, you wonder how your kids even get these things on their clothes. Here is an easier way to take it off.

Sweat stains: Sweat stains on your clothes can be embarrassing, and annoying. You can use panty liners to stop this from happening.

Deodorant stains: You pick out an outfit, get ready for the day, and look really cute. That is when you look down and notice the deodorant stains on your clothe. You can remove the deodorant marks with baby wipes!

Smelly shoes: Ugh. This can be so embarrassing. Put tea bags to absorb the odor and keep them smelling fresh.

Brighter whites:Spray your white shirts with lemon before throwing them in the washing machine to get rid of and prevent yellow sweat stains.

Strapless bra: Wrap a bra strap around to keep your strapless bra from slipping.

Glitter your shoes: Take your heels from drab to fab with glitter!

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