How To Fix The Dry Hair Problem

How To Fix The Dry Hair Problem

Are you having a dry hair problem, and you’ve tirelessly looked for solutions to cure it. Well worry no more, because we researched on the problem and found that its not a step solution to fixing it.

The cause of dry hair is as a result of so may things, not just from what product you use, but also the medicines you take and food you take.

Some of the causes of dry hair are:
Using too much heat
Over shampooing and washing
Over processing (not properly using relaxers or coloring agents)
Not drinking water and eating healthy
Not conditioning or moisturizing regularly

If you see yourself doing any of the causes above, no worries below are tested solutions we are sure would help you in getting your hair back to normal.

1. Protect your hair especially at Night.

The best way to protect your hair at night is to wear satin or silk caps or scarves. Also you can lay your head on silk pillowcase as oppose to cotton ones which sucks moisture out of your hair. It’s best for your hair to glide as you toss and turn, than clinging to the pillow on cotton fabric.

Dry Hair Problem, shampoo, Protect your hair,Do not color your hair, Conditioning and moisturizing

2. Do not color your hair.
If you are using bleaches to lighten your hair, then i assure you its oe of the reasons why you are having a dry hair. Adding color to your hair on top of relaxers can result in excessive dryness. The best bet is just to stay away from dying your strands and maybe try a gentle rinse until you’ve nursed it back to health.

Dry Hair Problem, shampoo, Protect your hair,Do not color your hair, Conditioning and moisturizing

3. Apply Shampoo Less Frequent:
Applying shampoo too often to your hair can result in draining of natural oils and moisture of your hair. But If you do not use many heavy creams and styling gels on a weekly bases, then you can shampoo less frequent.

Dry Hair Problem, shampoo, Protect your hair,Do not color your hair, Conditioning and moisturizing

4. Conditioning and moisturizing: Try this Often
This is one of the important things you need to do to your hair to avoid dryness. Water is the only thing that can add moisture to your hair. Make sure you add water before layering products on your hair. Moisture is the best thing you can do for your hair. When your hair is moisturized and conditioned well, less breakage occurs and dryness is not a factor. Make sure you find a good deep conditioner and/or leave-in conditioner, and also a daily moisturizer or oil that you can use for styling purposes. Conditioning the hair properly helps restore moisture levels.

5. Avoid Using Too Much heat, Instead Use A Thermal Hair Protector.
I know ladies you’ve heard it before, but make sure it register. Daily use of blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, and hot combs are detrimental to your hair. Try using these styling agents only once a week. If you can go longer without heat, then do it, it will speed up your recovery process and goal to healthy hair.


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