Watch Lola OJ’s Tutorial On How To Apply Foundation Like A Pro Top 5

Watch Lola OJ’s Tutorial On How To Apply Foundation Like A Pro Top 5

The sun these days is something else, its keeps getting hot and hot that your make up washes away immediately you step out. Our friend Lola OJ has some great tips for you on how to apply foundation in a sunny weather.

Below is a video and written steps of Lola OJ top 5 foundation tips on a sunny day:
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Tip 1: Use a sponge for application – I suggest the Original beauty blender. For an even smooth application use a sponge so you don’t use excess product. Do not apply with your fingers and rub across your skin, this often leaves an uneven and cakey  foundation finish.

Tip 2: Use a lightweight foundation – I suggest a lightweight or face and body foundation. For daily use you do not need to use a full coverage foundation, use a water based or gel based foundation for a lighter feel throughout the day.

Tip 3: Use a loose powder to seal foundation. Do not use anything too heavy and don’t apply any other liquid or cream product on top of your already applied foundation.

Tip 4: I suggest Mary Kay face primer. Use a mattifying yet hydrating primer. It helps to smoothen and even out your pores for better coverage when applying your foundation.

Tip 5: Use products with high SPF (Sun Protection Factor). Living in a country where you are exposed to a lot of sun, you must protect your skin as much as possible. Products with high spf gives added protection.


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