Tips On How To Live Within Your Means

Tips On How To Live Within Your Means

Your car needs new tires, the electric bill was more than your budget planned for, and the list doesn’t stop there. There is nothing more discouraging as your salary going down the drain due to bills and all. Why are we saying all this, is because we’ve been there.
We are not neccesarily saying you need to be very good in living within your means, but what we encourage is that every selectastyle reader should know the difference between wants and needs.
Below are tips on how to live within your means:
1. First Thing First, Give Back To The Lord:
Ladies, you need to give thanks for what the lord has provided for you each day and year. Give out what you can in your local church or mosque, or in any charitable organisation.

2. Create An Emergency Fund:
You need be always prepared for unexpected emergency, there is a real comfort in knowing you have a little bit setback for those unexpected mishaps that set you back.

3. Use it up, wear it out, make do:
This is one of our favorite sayings and we live by it. There is little we really need these days. Think about it…look around your house and other than maybe some projects you need to take care of what do you really need? How can you make do with what you have?

4. Go on a spending freeze!:
You need to do this every couple months where you just stop buying and use up what you have. If you organize your pantry, closet and garage you will be surprised at what you have and how much you really don’t need.
Finally if you living with youe husband, try living on one income, eventhough you are a 2 income family. This helps in saving.

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