PutHumanityFirst: Feminism for humanity.

PutHumanityFirst: Feminism for humanity.



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PutHumanityFirst: Feminism for humanity.

“There should be more females at top-level management!”

“Would you like to be a top-level manager at a road side mechanic shop while you still go under cars to fix them?”

“No way. That is more suitable for men!”

“Oh really?”

“I am your elder sister. I should have the bigger size of chicken. Our elder brother has the biggest size!

“3 people were taking a stroll (2 ladies and a gentleman), and it began to rain. 1 of the ladies pulls out an umbrella & without offering the gentleman, she covers herself and the other lady”.

When did the kitchen become the place of females, while we have the largest cooks in the world to be men? (we just love to call them “chefs”) Why does it seem compulsory that the man pays for all expenses when he’s out on a date with a lady? Why is there more “motherly love and care” than “fatherly love and care”? Why are females preferred for sales and marketing job roles than males? In times of danger, why are females considered to be rescued or protected first before men?

Taking each gender separately, is there even equality in each? In what situations can we really talk about gender equality? What is actually for females and males? I mean is any life worth more than the other based on gender? Could all of these be as a result of our biological makeups which is responsible for the way we set up the society and systems we live in? Which gender more biologically inherent to be better people?

gender equal opportunity or representation

gender equal opportunity or representation

Sometime in 2014, for business purposes, I met a woman (mother of four) who is the Managing Director of the Nigerian arm of a global organization. After meeting her once, I promised myself never to meet her again. I initially thought it was me, till about 1/3 of her labor pool left the organization including 3 top-level managers. She would later on hack into the email of one of the managers who resigned, so that some clients wouldn’t know he resigned.

Bob Chapman, male, is CEO of Barry-Wehmiller (a large manufacturing company in The US). In 2008, the company was hit by the recession and lost about 30% of their orders overnight. As a result, they could no longer afford their labor pool and they needed to save $10M. The board got together to discuss lay-offs and Bob refused. Bob doesn’t believe in head counts, he believes in heart counts. It is much more difficult to reduce the heart counts. Bob said “it is better that we all suffer a little than any of us to suffer a lot”. A program was implemented which required every employee (from secretary to CEO) to take a four-week unpaid vacation. They could take it anytime they wanted and they did not have to take it consecutively. The moral went up and they saved $20M.

In the paleolithic age, the survival of the human animal, was dependent on physical strength which is more associated with males as men are usually stronger. However, we don’t largely live in an age where physical features are used to primarily determine who is more superior. It is more about intelligence, qualifications, certificates and degrees (whether those things really get us what we want is another topic entirely). However, in both the paleolithic age and now, we have the same biological make-up which drive our behaviors of creating communities, cultures and societies. The part of the human brain responsible for these behaviors is also shared with social mammals. Baboons and Apes don’t select a male leader until the females have had a chance to look and decide (the feminists can have a chuckle at that, as we struggle with a concept as simple as women rights).


Even if we look at it from the angle of democracy, we will discover that democracy works but people don’t. We’d rather focus on what divides us than what unites us and what’s inside us. What is inside us as humans is that we all have the ability to care and look after each other through Oxytocin (the compound responsible for care, gratitude, patience, love etc). However, it is more inherent in women especially through child-birth. Alongside Cortisol, men have another Oxytocin inhibitor called Testosterone. This is why we like men to do the less empathetic jobs like Police, Bodyguards, Security guards and some other law “enforcement jobs”. In a day and age where the biggest sectors of countries (banking, politics and others) breed competition, and requires decisions to be made without consideration of the effect it will have on people’s lives, top-level management in these sectors have been defined by “aggression, make the numbers, and being unapologetic”. This is certainly destructive to the human animal which requires care, love, empathy and trust for survival. These are more inherent in females. What this tells us is that, pursuing top level management for the sake of gender equality, actually means we are fighting for more masculine behaviors than feminine behaviors.


The problem with gender is that, it prescribes how we should be rather than recognize how we are. In the end, we are all human beings before societies made us think that feminism is the radical notion that women are people or rather reminds us that women are people. However, when we can no longer change the society or situation, we are challenged to change ourselves because we are the situation that made the society.

When we achieve great things in our careers, we make our fathers proud. When we are good people, we make our mothers proud.


Let us be good people who achieve great things because, we need more people who act like females!
What do you think?

If we PutHumanityFirst, humanity will rise and make the world a better place for humanity.




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