How to Get a Soft smooth Lips with a Lip Scrub DIY

How to Get a Soft smooth Lips with a Lip Scrub DIY

I was a lip gloss lover, (i still am but not so much anymore ) but when i discovered the beautiful wonders the lipstick does to your looks, i jumped on the lipstick trend.

lip scrub diy

My favorite lipstick are the matte product, i mean that chic and glamorous looks it gives you can instantly glam up your look.  To get this perfect sleek look with your matte lipstick, there are some preparation you need to do to your lips in order to achieve this look.

Although the matte lipsticks have a long wearing capacity and can transform your look instantly, they still have some cons.  They have a chalky and uncomfortable texture that highlights every imperfection on your lips. To overcome this, the best and only advice is to properly exfoliate your lips, and by doing so, you can achieve a Soft smooth Lips.

Below are some few tips on How to Get a Soft smooth Lips with a Lip Scrub DIY

Lip scrubs are especially good for those who have dry or chapped lips. It serves as an exfoliator to get rid of dead skin on your lips leaving you with soft and smooth lips and it also helps prepare your lips for lipstick application.


homemade lip scrub DIY
1. Honey

2. Sugar (Brown or White)

3. Oil (Olive oil or Coconut Oil)

4. Small container

The sugar serves as the exfoliating agent while the oil and honey serve to moisturize and keep the mixture together.

scrub_final product


How to make the scrub

1. Mix a tablespoon of sugar (brown or white) with just enough honey and olive oil to make to make the mixture thick enough

. 2. Apply this mixture to your lips and massage gently in a circular motion.

3. Leave on for about two to three minutes and wipe with a damp cloth.

4. Apply lip balm to your lips and enjoy softer and smoother lips.

5. Store excess lip scrub in a small container for future use.

Do not over use this scrub as over exfoliation is not good. Use scrub twice or once a week.

matte lip






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