Hello to all the single mom’s out there, i found this interesting article on Mommynoire and i feel it an interesting motivational story to share with you.

run your race

Some of you might be or might have been in the same situation, while some where strong enough to get through this, am sure not everyone is that strong. so for all the struggling mom’s out there, please have a read and share your thoughts.

In 2012 I was a celebrity in my own head. I was 24, lived on my own, had a job and my little Toyota Yaris, and the world was my oyster. I did what I pleased, as I pleased and whenever I felt like doing so. It was the greatest. To no surprise when I found out I was pregnant my life came to an abrupt halt. For weeks I debated about what I was going to do with the news the doctor had given me. At the expense of everything I knew, I chose to embark on the long journey of motherhood. In a weeks’ time, my entire life wilted to the ground as cinder from a burning building. In the blink of an eye I had lost my job, my apartment, and then my car. I had literally been stripped down to nothing, on the verge of bringing a new life into the world.

I just don’t want to imagine the emotional whirlwind she went through as she had to move back into her parents’ home, pregnant with no job, no friends to vent to, and a circus of drama from her baby father.
I had fallen into a depressive sea of “what if’s?” clinging to my faith like a buoy my thoughts bobbed up and down between doubtfulness and the surface of hope. The number one thing on my mind was finances. I knew choosing to keep my daughter essentially meant I would be a single mother. As a prideful and overly independent woman it is hard for me to ask for any kind of help, let alone rely on anyone else to provide life’s necessities for my daughter and I.
Daily, I thought about what kind of mother I would be. I thought about the life I wanted to build for my daughter, what it would take to do so, and the kind of example I wanted to be for her. I thought of the kind of human I wanted to build up and gift the world with.

I thought of my past and moments I had felt my own mother should have been more of a support, and how I would pour more time, love and encouragement into my child.

Until then, I had never believed my dreams could come to fruition.

i believe what kept running through here head was how could she convince her daughter she had the power to be and do anything she could conceive if she did not believe that herself? How could she push her through self doubt and moments of fear if she had never done the same for herself?

After hitting and missing so many times, then she got the kick to begin living with the intent to build a legacy that would be the foundation of all of life’s most important lessons. she jumped head first into pursing her dreams, beginning tasks she had always wanted to do, but never had the courage to start. she found myself independently publishing her first book of poetry, interning for a magazine and building her own website. she was on a roll! doing what she loved, had an internship for her dream job, and her drive had never been more fervid.

After some time, it seemed I was losing control of the whirlwind I had been juggling. I became frustrated with the pulling and pushing between my drive and my reality. During a conversation, a fellow writer reminded me to “take baby steps to build toward what you’re supposed to be doing. You’re not obligated to go from 0-60, or if you’re Drake 0-100.” She made me realize that I had been racing against myself and a timed clock. I realized I didn’t have to reach the peak of all my aspirations in a week, and there was no expiration date on my dreams.While I’ve gotten to frolic through NYFW, published a book, chatted and mingled with A-D listed celebrities, at the end of the day I am still a 26-year-old single mother and my life is still a work in progress. A midst my experiences and accomplishments, my reality is a hospital secretary desperately building her dreams in the spare minutes and hours of fully scheduled days.

After work, evening classes, premiere events, and podcast tapings, I collect my daughter and any spare energy I can muster and retire to the local shelter that has been my home for the last seven months. Obviously, these circumstances are not ideal by any means, but such is life. My race is mine to run. I cannot compete nor compare my journey to that of anyone else for everyone’s experiences, and lessons to be learned are unique. While juggling what you have to do, and what you want to do be patient with life, and forgiving with yourself. Run your race your own way, at your own pace. Your finish line is anchored. Stay hungry, stay great and strive for epic.

My advice to you dear mom’s is “NO MATTER WHAT, RUN YOUR RACE”

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