Think Plus Size Designs? Think Aderonke Braimoh

Are You A Plus Size Shopper? Meet Aderonke Braimoh

Whether you’re heading to your favorite fashion designers shop,or simply browsing through some random magazine,
you know that as a plus-size fashion shopper, your choice might be limited compared to your straight-size sister and friends.
Though the search might be harder, there are ways to quickly check out whether a design is made with quality in mind, or just for the money.
we’ve acquired insider expertise on what details signify quality construction and design — and we will gladly share them with you.

plus size, deronke


plus size, deronke plus size, deronke

plus size, deronke

1. Any design that exists on a dress should have a purpose, even if you’re going to wear an elastic waistband, make sure it’s elastic waistband

2. You should know the difference between oversized and baggy. Oversized is deliberatly done by a designer, and these dresses are meant to be draped (I usually recommend wearing them with slimmer, body-skimming pieces to balance out the proportions). Baggy, on the other hand, means the designer didn’t want to, didn’t have the skills to, or couldn’t afford to fit something properly, so they just sized up. Baggy rhymes with saggy for a reason.

3. If you are going to make a choice beween a rigid fabric and a stretch-woven fabric for something that’s supposed to sit tighter across your body, choose the stretch. Because, when it comes to close-to-the-body dress, a little stretch gives more comfort and ease-of-wear. Plus, this type of fabric can give a luxe look to whatever you’re wearing.

4.Any time you are going to the market for a fabric, make sure you choose a natural fibre 90% over any. — think cotton, linen, wool, and silk.These fibers can add stretch and drape, resist wrinkles and dirt, have a better depth of color, and wick away cold, heat, and moisture.

5.Good news, if you love prints, because plus-size pieces usually look way better on a larger scale, good designers understand this, If you prefer solid tones, look for clear, true colors. They make everything look more expensive, and they’ll make you feel more chic.

plus size, deronke plus size, deronke plus size, deronke plus size, deronke plus size, deronke

Aderonke Braimoh is a fashion designer based in Lagos
Follow Deronke on Instagram : @deronkie
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