Kim Kardashian’s Secret Weapon Revealed

Kim Kardashian’s Secret Weapon Revealed

The Bodysuit Sure you can rock one too.

Only if you are a doubting Thomas, you did reject the notion that Kim Kardashian is a major player in the style industry. Her signature style?

1.A Bodysuit.
2.A pencil skirt (of course) with a cropped top
3.Body skimming sweater

Like any Y2K lady will say, a bodysuit is a thing of 80’s and should be relegated to the dance class, but lately its been making a comeback. Performers such as Béyonce, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga wear them on stage, and the aforementioned Kim Kardashian is a huge supporter.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Go Shopping In Paris

The Kim Kardashian 101.

The trick to the bodysuit is its ability to skim the body as a sort of second skin, leaving no chance of a shirt untucked or bunched fabric around your waistline. The result is smooth, sleek, and super polished.

The queen of all bodysuit fashion designer is Donna Karan, who began wearing a bodysuit in the ‘90s and included it as a staple in her collections. No wonder plenty of new bodysuit designers are also making waves. Newcomer Erica M. creates designs in flattering and interesting patterns and she is a favorite of Beyoncé. Kim K.’s preferred bodysuits are designed by Wolford, who creates options in a multitude of neutral colors and hues.
So next time you’re considering a new top or wondering what to wear with your pencil skirt or jeans, reach for a bodysuit—the results will the maga’s eye.


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